On the way to Workington

Rather foolishly I’ve agreed to go another coast to coast bike ride. At least this time it’s from west to east rather than north to south, and will take 3 days instead for 16.

The weather forecast looks ok, much like it did last year when we set if last year. Hopefully there will be less hail, storms and driving headwinds over the next 3 days.

There are 3 of us embarking of this adventure – Simon, Nigel and I. This is our first cycling trip, usually we head off to the med to see which bits of expensive sailing yachts we can break. We’ll be doing that too later in the year. With substantial insurance.

Dan, my LEJOG companion, is doing this trip too. But because he is considerably more fit foolish than I, he’s doing the whole thing in a day.

Yes. That’s right. A day. 140 miles.

This is because Dan has been training much more than I have. In fact he’s probably done more in a day than I have in a month.

So I’m treating this 3 day trip as training for the next foolish cycle ride in June. But more of that later.

So today we are heading to Cumbria. This takes 3 trains, including the scenic route along Hadrian’s Wall from Newcastle to Carlisle.

Day 1 takes from Workington to Little Salkeld (we pass through here on day 8 if LEJOG). It’s around 60 miles we think.

For this trip, the logistics, route-planning and all round general enthusiasm are all down to Simon. I’ve paid little attention to the details. The lack of control on my part makes me more relaxed and more anxious in equal measure. I’m sure it will all be fine.

And if it’s not, I still won’t be trying to do it in a single day. And to boost my enthusiasm even more on Sunday Dan will be at least fifty miles behind me.

Sunset at Workington


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2 comments on “On the way to Workington
  1. excellent, someone else to give me a tow in june

  2. Wendy Robertson says:

    Lovely morning here – hope it is with you. Good cycling. Don’t leave your multi tool behind anywhere!

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